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  • Why should I get insurance?

    Insurance provides protection for your family and property in insured events. Medical expenses and property damage can be paid for with compensation from your insurance company when you file a claim. Insurance can also help you avoid legal complications if you’re ever sued. Additionally, insurance is required by law to drive a car and have a loan on a home.

  • What is personal insurance?

    Personal insurance covers non-business-related property and events. This includes your home, car, personal belongings, and personal events like weddings.

  • What is a deductible?

    A deductible in insurance is the amount that you’re required to pay before your insurance coverage takes over. After you’ve paid the full amount of your deductive, the insurance company will cover the cost of the remaining damage. For example, in the case of health insurance, if you have a $1,500 deductible, you’ll be financially responsible for the initial $1,500 of covered medical expenses. Once you’ve paid this amount, the remaining service costs will be paid for by the insurance company (you’ll typically only be required to pay for copayments).

  • What does it mean to be liable?

    If you’re held in an accident liable, it means that you’re legally responsible for the cost of the damages. In the context of auto insurance, liability means that you’re responsible for covering the expenses associated with the car crash, including property damage and medical bills.

  • What type of information will I be required to provide to the insurance companies?

    Insurance companies take a significant amount of information into account for your insurance policy. Your age, claims history, credit, the type of property you own, and the area in which you reside will all be provided to the insurance company when your agent is underwriting your insurance policy.

  • Why should I work with an insurance agent?

    Working with an insurance agent will provide you with personalized service. You’ll be in direct contact with an experienced insurance agent who will consider all of your needs to find the policy that’s a perfect fit. Local insurance agencies like The National Insurance Group provide affordable pricing and high-quality insurance plans with an individualized approach, offering the greatest benefit to individuals seeking insurance coverage.

  • Why is working with an insurance agency a better option than going to the major carriers?

    If you opt to go to the major insurance carriers to secure your insurance coverage, you’re likely to be offered a generic insurance package. This package is unlikely to provide the coverage that matches all of your needs and unique circumstances. Smaller insurance agencies can provide more personal attention and care while finding and recommending insurance policy options. If you get confused, the agents at The National Insurance Agency are available to promptly answer questions and offer insights to guide you through the process. Plus, many of the major insurance carriers don’t offer insurance directly through consumers. So, we can provide you with a wider range of top insurance plans. What sets us apart from the major carriers is that The National Insurance Group is directly appointed with the Nation’s top A+ Rated Insurance Carriers. Our highly trained agents will provide you with a cost comparison meant to identify the best level of coverage at the most affordable rate, tailored to meet your needs. If you didn’t find your question here, contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable agents.

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